“Scrapper” Movie Review: Tale About a Grieving Father and Daughter 2023

“Scrapper”: A Heartwarming Tale of Fatherhood and Grief

The bond between a father and child is a timeless theme in literature and film, and “Scrapper” is no exception. Written and directed by Charlotte Regan, this charming indie film follows the story of Georgie, a 12-year-old girl who lives alone and scrapes by stealing and selling bikes with her friend Ali. When her long-absent father Jason suddenly shows up, the two must navigate the difficulties of family, loss, and fatherhood.

Introducing Georgie: The Independent and Resourceful Child

Georgie, played by Lola Campbell, is a resourceful and independent child who has been surviving on her own after the loss of her mother. She spends her days trying to make ends meet, lying to social workers and going through the motions of life while dealing with her grief in secret. Despite her young age, Georgie is street-smart and fiercely independent, making her a memorable protagonist in “Scrapper.”

Meet Jason: The Struggling Father Figure

Jason, played by Harris Dickinson, is a man who has spent the last few years partying in Ibiza. He is a less-than-perfect father figure, and his arrival in Georgie’s life throws a wrench in her routine. As the two struggle to get along, Jason must learn the ropes of being a parent and navigate the difficulties of fatherhood. Despite his initial bumbling, it is clear that Jason loves his daughter and is determined to make amends.

Chemistry between Campbell and Dickinson

The performances of Lola Campbell and Harris Dickinson as Georgie and Jason are the standout elements of “Scrapper.” The two actors have a natural chemistry that makes their relationship feel authentic and genuine. As Georgie and Jason bounce off each other, their witty banter and mutual misunderstandings add a touch of humor to the film. When they finally click and their bonds become clear, it is a heartwarming moment that is sure to bring a smile to the audience’s face.

Regan’s Vibrant Style Brings the British Working Class to Life

Coming from a background in music videos, Charlotte Regan brings a vibrant style to “Scrapper.” The film is set against the backdrop of the British working class, and Regan’s script effortlessly blends playful humor with family drama. Regan puts the audience into Georgie’s mind, allowing them to enter her imagination, feel her sadness, and understand her struggles. The film’s 84-minute runtime feels compact, with a fast-paced storytelling that never drags.


“Scrapper” is a heartwarming film that tackles themes of family, loss, and fatherhood. With standout performances by Lola Campbell and Harris Dickinson and a vibrant style from director Charlotte Regan, the film is sure to captivate audiences. Although its story is far from innovative, its simplicity is its greatest strength. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie that will leave you with a smile on your face, “Scrapper” is a must-see.

Movie Details:

Directed byCharlotte Regan
Screenplay byCharlotte Regan
Produced byTheo Barrowclough
StarringHarris Dickinson, Lola Campbell, Alin Uzun
CinematographyMolly Manning Walker
Edited byMatteo Bini, Billy Sneddon
Music byPatrick Jonsson
BBC FilmsGreat Point Media
Distributed byCharades
Release date23 January 2023 (Sundance)
Running time84 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

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